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2.9. Issues related to transit fees  
The US$200 transit fee is a disincentive to the transit export trade through the ports of Ghana, which mostly consist of low value raw or semi-finished agricultural products. These exports compete on the world market with similar products from others in the sub-region. This significantly affects export volumes. For example SOFITEX has discontinued the export of cotton through Ghana mainly because of the implementation of the US$ 200 transit fee. This measure is also encouraging malpractices in the system which deprives Ghana of the legitimate benefits. It is important to note also that Ghana is the only country within the West Africa sub-region where exports from landlocked countries are obliged to pay a transit fee.

Another adverse effect of this fee is the fact that it encourages traders to move cargo in large consignments in order to avoid multiple payments per consignment. This often leads to congestion at the borders and also at the warehouses where goods are being offloaded. Such large movements are also not too good for the sustainability of the roads.  
Progress update note
The Ghana National Committee of Borderless Alliance respectfully requested the Ministry for Finance and Economic Planning of Ghana in a meeting on 23rd September 2014 for the repeal of those sections of the law (i.e. the Customs Excise and Preventive Service (Management/Amendment) Act (614), 2002 and Section 48 Sub-section 2 of PNDC L 330 as amended by the Commissioner’s Order No. 6 of 2002), especially when no such fees are imposed at the seaports and airports for the transit import trade.  
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