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8.2. Administrative (Border Operating Hours, delays at border posts, etc.)  
Trucks arriving at Aflao after 10pm are not being allowed to park in the yard causing serious congestion along the main roads leading up to the border.  
Status note
The opening of the Ghana/Togo Border on the 5th August 2017 for 24 hours has resolved the problem of congestion and trucks are allowed to park in the Truck Holding Bay after 10 pm. The last customs check point before Aflao which hitherto before the 5th August 2017 directive was being closed after 10 pm was also opened for the movement of trucks conveying merchandise to be parked at the Truck Holding Bay.

L'ouverture de la frontière entre le Ghana et le Togo le 5 août 2017 pour 24 heures, le problème de la congestion a été résolu et les camions sont autorisés à se garer dans la baie de Truck Holding après 22 heures. Le dernier point de contrôle des douanes avant Aflao qui, avant la directive du 5 août 2017, était fermé après 22 heures, a également été ouvert permettant aux camions transportant des marchandises à être garées à la baie de stationnement des camions.  
Progress update note
BA Trade Advisor addressed the issue to customs sector commandor who temporally allowed the entry of trucks into the export truck bay after 10 pm. There were however reports of unauthorized crossing which caused this authorization to be put on hold pending investigation.  
Policy or regulatory NTB
Ghana: Aflao (Border post)  
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2017-10-04 16:34  
2017-10-04 17:00