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8.4. Transport related corruption  
The driver called because on the February, 17 2018, he exited the harbour after weighing his truck without a sign of overoad. He got ot the motorway and weighed with problem. At his arrival at the exit of Kumasi (Akom), he was told he carried overload and was asked to pay a fine of GH 200.00. The officers told him that in case the subsequent weighing bridges do not record an overload, they will pay him back on his return from Burkina Faso.  
Progress update note
Upon hearing this GSA staff spoke to the cashier who told him that the driver has to go to their head office for his receipt to be endorsed by his boss before he can pay the driver back.

After tis discussion, GSA staff called Mr. Awune,() and explained the situation him. The latter told him that he would contact and give the regional commander at Kumasi GSA staff's number for a prompt resolution of the complaint.

To avoid any challenge with the goods the driver was conveying, GSA staff asked the latter to continue his journey and assured to alert him on any development on the matter.  
Policy or regulatory NTB
Ghana: Akom Axle load (Other)  
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Burkina Faso  
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In process  
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2018-03-12 17:05  
2018-03-12 17:05