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Other type: Inconsistency of weigh bridge  
The truck driver got to Yape weigh bridge and was told the his vehicle weighed 61.62 t whiles from the burkina weighing paper it weighed 53t. So the operators were asking the diver to GH 200.00.  
Progress update note
When called, GSA staff asked to speak to one of the operators. The latter told GSA staff that there is a difference between the weigh bridges in Burkina and those in Ghana. He further explained that if for instance a truck weighs 59t in Burkina, it may weigh 62 or 63t in Ghana.

GSA staff called Mr. Ishmael BAYA from the GHA who said the driver should pay the GH 200.00 and go to AKOM to weigh so that the two weighing certificates. If there is a difference between then they will refound the driver.

GSA staff instructed the driver to do just as Mr. Baya said, and he did.

On Wednesday, 3rd October 2018, around 7am, the driver called to confirm that at Akom (Kumasi) he weighed 48.16  
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Ghana: Yape Axle load (Other)  
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Burkina Faso  
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In process  
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2018-10-02 10:48  
2018-10-02 10:48