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Other type: Attempt of extortion  
Nine trucks moving in convoy got to the police but were not stopped. They therefore continued their journey. Surprising to the drivers, one officer pursued them to the nearest barrier, sopped them, took their papers and returned to the previous barrier. On their arrival at the barrier, the Police told them to pay an unspecified amount if not they would process them to court.  
Status note
The drivers were released  
Progress update note
One of the drivers called GSA staff who, speaking to one of the Officers was told that the drivers were driving recklessly, reason for which the Police were processing them to court. The however denied the story narrated by the drivers. They then asked GSA staff to give five minutes to check something on the road and call him back.

when GSA waited for a while without hearing from them, he called to find out if the drivers were sorted out. It was then that GSA staff was told by the drivers that they were released.  
Policy or regulatory NTB
Ghana: Police at Kadelso (Other)  
Reporting Country
Burkina Faso  
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2021-12-10 16:00  
2021-12-10 16:01