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Category 1. Government participation in trade & restrictive practices tolerated by governments
Category 2. Customs and administrative entry procedures
Category 5. Specific limitations
Category 6. Charges on imports
Category 7. Other procedural problems
Category 8. Transport, Clearing and Forwarding
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NTB-000-091 8.4. Transport related corruption 2018-03-01 Ghana: After Wa Mali In process View
Complaint: Two truck drivers were asked to GH 5.00 before they could continue their journey.  
Progress: Upon hearing this, GSA staff asked to speak to the police but they refused to cooperate.

After this, one of the drivers was released but the other maintained. This pushed GSA staff to contact the focal person at the MTTD headquarters to seek his intervention. The latter said he would call the in charge at Wa and get back to GSA staff.
NTB-000-068 7.10. Other 2018-01-31 Ghana: Ayinam Burkina Faso In process View
Complaint: The driver called to be taught the right procedure to follow because he was involved in a clash with another car.  
Progress: GSA staff supplied the driver with the ECOWAS Brown Card secretariat's number. He also called the secretariat to be sure of the right procedure to follow. This procedure he (GSA staff) did explained to the driver.  
NTB-000-028 8.7. Costly Road user charges /fees 2018-01-05 Ghana: Tema Port Ghana New View
Complaint: Attempt to impose an illicit entry fre, desguised as a union membership fee  
NTB-000-018 6.2. Administrative fees 2016-07-12 Ghana: Tema Port Ghana In process View
Complaint: The Greater Accra Regional Shipper Committee has kicked against proposed Terminal Handling Charges by Shipping Lines for imported and exported goods at the country’s ports.

The group say the cost of doing business is already high, and so adding more charges will further worsen the plight of the business community.

In a joint Press Release, the group said ‘’the payment of the handling charges as an isolated local charge to the shipping lines is completely alien to the practice of shipping in Ghana since terminal operators already charge shippers the THC for cargo handling services provided’’. The Shippers argued that the proposed charges will be detrimental as shippers are already grappling with multiplicity of taxes.
Progress: Ghana Shippers Authority (GSA) has take a number of initiatives to address the additional charges being levied for imports and exports.

1. GSA has held a number of meetings with stakeholders, AGI,GNCC, GPHA, FAGE, GIFF, FFAG,GUTA.
2. GSA has also discussed the matter with Shipowners and Agents Association of Ghana (SOAAG).
3. On 26th July 2016 there was a stakeholder consultation at the Trade Fair center, and a communique was agreed to reject the THC being impose by shipping lines.
4. The communique was copied to the Ministry of Transport, Flagstaff House.
5. It is expected that, the communique will be published in the National dailies by Monday.
6. the Ministry of Transport is writing to all shipping lines to hold on with the THC

GSA is working with other stakeholders to ensure these charges are not introduced.

Progress: 10-08-2016
The Ministry of Transport of Ghana has issued a communique to suspend the Terminal Handling Charges (THC) with effective 10th August 2016 pending the outcome of investigations and advice from Ghana Maritime Authority.
NTB-000-006 7.3. Corruption 2014-11-19 Ghana: Tamale South Ghana In process View
Complaint: Multiple Police Checkpoints and harassment in the northern section of the Tema – Paga Corridor . Multiple complaints received from drivers especially from Techiman, Tamale and Babato. The police demand money from the drivers before releasing them though all their documentation are in order. This delays the drivers for very long hours.  
Progress: Police contacted via phone to deal with specific reported cases. Meeting formally requested with the IGP to work together on a strategic solution to the problem.

Progress :
20th March . Initial meeting held with Ghana Police Service . As other stakeholders have requested for meetings on the same issue, a multi stakeholder meeting will be planned shortly.

Progress :
28th March. A multi stakeholder meeting was held with the police service to review the problem of harassment at multiple police checkpoints along the corridor. Stakeholders included BA, National Facilitation Committee Secretariat, Ghana Ports and Harbors Authority, Trade Hub Network, Burkina Shippers Council, Ghana Shippers Authority. Police Service acknowledged the gravity of the problem and called for an action plan to resolve harassment issue.

Progress :
8th April 2015 . Meeting held to review the multi stakeholder action plan. Actions planned include Corridor Monitoring, Sensitization and Publicity (Stickers and Billboards to publicize Police Service Help lines), Press Release from Ghana Police Service to prohibit stopping of transit vehicles along the corridors, Police Service to issue Directive to enforce wearing of ID by all Police Officers on Duty, design of a compliance document to ensure all truck and cargo requirements are met on departure from Tema Port , caravan on the Kumasi-Paga section of the corridor, meeting with Regional Police Commanders, etc. A follow up meeting is planned within a month.
NTB-000-004 7.3. Corruption 2014-02-19 Benin: Kraké Nigeria New View
Complaint: I was furious yesterday at the activities of the Benin Police who stamp peoples passport. In fact I was returning to Lagos from Porto Novo yesterday, and on reaching the Benin Immigration cubicle (where they stamp passports), I saw an ugly scene. Nigerians returning like myself were shouting and cursing, but nobody was ready to listen.
What was the problem? The Benin officers insisted that every new passport attracts a stamping fee of =N=1,000.00 and old passports (like my own) attracts a fee of =N=500.00. Previously they charged =N=500.00 for new passports and =N=200.00 for old passports.

I gave them the old fee, and they promptly threw it back at me. Even when I explained that I am coming from a very legitimate trip (From Songhai Centre), the officer-in-charge (around 1:00pm) retorted that Songhai Centre do not control borders, and threw my passport back to me. After shouting and waiting for about 20 minutes, (and being that I was in a hurry to move ahead so I can meet an urgent appointment in Lagos), I had no option but to painfully give them the =N=500.00, which they pocketed, before stamping my passport.

This reporting this incident i want to seek clarifications from you as to what is proper and also a call for you to investigate and sanction Benin Police & Immigration officers. All you need to do is to visit Benin stamping office with passport, and they will tell you the fee. Also Nigerian Immigration officers charge =N=500.00 for new passports and =N=200.00 for old passports. Please investigate all these, and restore order at Seme-Krake border!
NTB-000-002 7.3. Corruption 2011-01-20 Ghana: Paga Ghana In process View
Complaint: The activities of these ‘goro boys’ were reported to the Parliamentary Select Committee on Trade and Transport some 3 years ago. Further to this, a memorandum was issued by the then Deputy Commissioner of Operations on March 24th 2011, to the Assistant Commissioner at Bolgatanga, directing that necessary steps be taken to stop these illegal activities at the Paga station and further directed that the transit truck drivers be made to present their documents directly to GRA Customs without using these intermediaries.

After a relative short improvement in terms of a reduction of these irregular activity , we can report that these “goro boys” are back at Paga and their activities have even extended to Hamle and Kulungungu border posts. This persistent problem adds extra and unnecessary costs to traders, rendering the Tema–Paga corridor uncompetitive for transit trade, and contributing to increasing costs of doing business along our transit corridors.
Progress: On 23rd September 2014, the Ghana National Committee of Borderless Alliance met the Minister of Finance and Economic Planning and respectfully requested their outfit to take the necessary steps to address the menace as it adds unnecessary costs to doing business.  
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